Thursday, September 9, 2010

new things new beginings

hey guys,
so obviously starting high school is a major major new beginning but with the start of a new year there are more new beginnings than that.

- Today i had my first day at DOB (dancing on Broadway) on their performing line the dazzlers (cheesy name, i know) and it was so fun ! the girls there are really nice and not stuck up ! And the teachers really push us to do better which is great !
-new clothes (nuff said)

- My official new favorite color is purple i painted my room, fingernails,blog, and wardrobe (not literally ) purple. I don't know why i suddenly did but now i just LOVE it

OK so boring post (i know), but normally i don't post at all so its a start ;)
with love,

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Anonymous said...

i love the new header!