Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hey guys,
last night i went to a bonfire party that ended up being indoors because of the rain haha but it was fun anyway, and this morning i had to get up at 9 to get ready for dance in the morning and when we got to the studio i walked in and a lady told me that it doesn't start until next week ! So there i was standing in the studio dressed in spandex and a tank top ! So embarrassing !
story of my life

when i got my braces off i told myself that i would get crest white strips, and so today i went shopping with my mom and got some at target but i diddn't realize that they were like 50 bucks! so there goes my money, but then i thought that i could sell some to my dad, haha he paid me 10 bucks for 5 strips , i love dads:) Also at target i got a pea coat that is so classic and perfect for fall and 2 rings . and when i left i couldn't help but buy a soy strawberries&creme frappe from Starbucks.

so there is my Saturday
with love,

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so there w

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ChelieBell:) said...

Hey(: Hey(: I like this. AND i like your blog. AND i like how we have the same dream job.
(Interior Designer) AND i like you. :D AND you should follow my blog. I'm re-starting it(: