Sunday, July 18, 2010

at the end of a tunnel...

i love my face in this pic , its totally like Hurah!

doesn't it look like she is falling down a deep hole? like an elevator thingy cept' its concrete around the edges.

so me and madee went on a walk and i saw this amazing tunnel and then we got distracted from our walk..... hope you liked the pics!
with love,

ps.formspring me!


Lucy Beth said...

super cute pictures! i love the silhouettes. fantastic concept!

Micaela Nicollette said...

these pictures are SICK! like SICK. love it. :)

Ariadne said...

Cute pics!Kisses!

carlotta said...

loooove the photos! and yes, on that one, it does look like she's falling in an elevator shaft ;) very cool!

lauren carney said...

guh, how great is your blog?
you talented miss!
i adore your crazy photography goodness!
big love x

Katja Kroll said...

thanks! it was totally random, we were just on a walk and took a random picture and it looked sweet so we took more ! thanks for reading my blog all of you :)