Tuesday, July 20, 2010

your blog in diamonds

HEYYY BLOG PEOPLE ! ok so you know how alot of people write their blog name on a cute piece of paper , take a picture of it, picnik it and then put it on their blog and it looks really cute? Ya so i wanted to make something kindof like that but i diddn't want to copie that idea [ because copiecats are SOOO annoying !] so i put a little twist on it and made one using necklaces and bracelets as letters ! And i decided that since i hate when people copie, that if they or you want your blog in jewelry (ohhh sparkly ) just follow my blog and then formspring me your blog's name. Then, you can copie and paste it on to your own blog !! also check out my flickr!

and i decided to dedicate my first picture to ally's blog ! because it has such a cute name and i love her blog ! tell me what you think!
with love,


Ally Marie. said...

CUTE! OMG thanks! dude. im soo stealing this pic and posting it on my blog! (:

Katja Kroll said...

your welcome :)