Friday, July 2, 2010


Wow, I had no idea how hard it would be to just write a simple blog. Seriously. Honestly I have no idea what to write. Ok how about my summer, lame I know but my blog needs something so yeah. My summer has consisted of dance and soccer and friends and then babysitting then dance then soccer then dance then … Its been pretty lame, and so random! I feel so busy all the time but then I feel so Not busy, some days I feel so happy about high school but insanely scared, and happy that middle school is finally over but then I feel so empty and I feel sad that my childhood is ending faster and faster and it makes me kind of sad that im not a kid anymore and I cant do the incredibly stupid but so fun things that I used to get to do. But im also happy that im growing up, and I can’t wait to be older and more mature and for other people to grow up. My emotions are so jumbled together and confusing and contradicting and seriously make me want to explode! But that’s life…right? anyway those are my twisted mashed mixed insane childlike emotions (way to plural) right now and im sure you really wanted to know katja’s feelings right now.

With love,


Ps. formspring !

WOW that was a majorly emo blog ! ha !

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