Tuesday, August 17, 2010


ok so im getting my hair dyed tomorow and i can't decide what i want. I wanted a cold brown with icy blonde highlights but that kindof looks like gray and dullish, and i want to go darker but since its summer i still want that "sun bleached" look, ya know? urg help me !! formspring me what you think i should do :)

with love,


ps. this is a cool vintage outfit that was my great-grandma's i don't know about you but i think its pretty sweet ;) the outfit is at least 70 years old!


lucy beth said...

SUPER cool outfit!! :):)

and if you want dark, yet light, what about dark brown with light brown highlights? blonde and brown is a ticket to disaster, but that still looks like you've spent your summer in the sun! :)

Micaela Nicollette said...

FOIL IT. and you probably know what a foil is but it basically just puts a bunch of different colors in your hair but makes it look natural.

dont brown and blonde it. 5th grade all over again. if anything get bleach blonde highlights, since your hair is already blonde this will make it GLOW. (:

haha i get carried away..love ya hunny bun.

Katja Kroll said...

thanks for advice guys:) btw mickey, they always use foil,haha. i'm getting it done at a salon this time (no more of that mom-doing-hair-stuff)! thanks for reading:)