Sunday, August 8, 2010

i wanna be a billionaire

HEY bloggers ! i would actually like to have a bunch of money so i could spend it on lots of stuff, but since im not i've learned how to have a "budget" and how to save money on certain things. For instance, makeup. I know that people say that the expensive makeup works way better than the cheap stuff (and alot of the time it does) ,but most teenagers like me cant afford all that stuff . So i put together a list of makeup that i love to use that isn't so expensive but works great !
~tell me what you think :)

lash blast mascara is great ! it doesn't clump like other mascaras !
pretty much any covergirl eyeshadow works as long as you put a primer on ( concealer is great to use as a primer )
ulta's mineral powder eyeshadow is great because it isn't that expensive and they have some really good golds and highlighters that i use all the timeE.L.F makeup isn't the greatest quality but its so cheap ! every one of their products are only like a dollar each ! since alot of makeup brushes are overpriced it sucks to have to fork out money to buy brushes but now elf sells makeup brushes for like $1 !!!!!!! and the brushes work great too !!!

this eyeshadow quad is great for smokey eyes and the cool thing is that if you aren't very experienced with makeup it tells you where to put the shadow to create great looks
wet n wild blush is cheap and works great too
i would recommend this eyeliner, i use it all the time and it has a skinny point so it doesn't go on too thick (no more raccoon eyes)

now i will admit i occasionally splurge on makeup , so im not trying to be a preacher or anything :) . these products that i showed you have great quality for their price so i hope that helped you if your looking to save some $$

with love,

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