Wednesday, August 18, 2010


ok so i was at my aunt and uncle's house and i came apon some pretty cool things in their house like an old keyboard, it was awesome ! but the coolest thing was some of my uncle's old cameras! turns out my uncle loves photography and over the years has collected some cool vintage cameras. I thought some of them were cool and took a couple of pics with my favorite! also i got a pretty sick shot of a butterfly on my aunt's plants :)

with love,

Ps. does anyone know how to change the layout of a blog? like one of those cute ones online???ask me it on my formspring :) thanks


Ally Marie. said...

thats so awesome. (: those cameras are sickk. and that pic of the butterfly is amazing.

Katja Kroll said...

thanks ! i saw your thing on your blog about butterflies and so i put those on :)