Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tips for lips

1. Apply color onto the center of your lips, blending up and out to the lip line working towards the corners.
2. For longer lasting color, gently blot with tissue, reapply lipstick and blot again.
3. For evening, remember to select a lipstick one or two shades deeper than your daytime color.

For a creamy effect, apply a lip balm to lips before applying lipstick.

For a matte effect, apply lipstick then blot gently with tissue.

For a sheer effect, apply lip balm. Gently dot a small amount of neutral color lipstick across lips, then smooth out.

For a glossy effect, apply lipstick then finish with a clear or neutral color gloss coat for a moist, seductive shine. Remember, the more coats you apply, the more shine so turn up the volume!

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