Saturday, June 26, 2010


OK so i haven't made a true blog yet for three reasons. I thought that it would be stupid (which it probably will be). I feel like people who blog alot seem to get mean formsprings (am i right ?)And also because i was kind of afraid of what people would think of me, so i was thinking and thinking about what to write so that i would seem cool, But now i just sat down at the computer (because that's just what i do) , and I'm thinking that i could care less what other people think, because if i think to hard about what I'm writing it won't be me. And its not like that many people will even read this, ha ! i only have like six followers anyway ! So now i will just spill my thoughts all over this screen and be myself. So now if i make another blog it will be myself and only me.
with love,

PS. sorry if i bore you
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